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Carlos Eduardo

Angie thank you.

Brandon Park

I was simply blown away by the level of care I received from Dr. Pantano and his staff. Not only did Dr. Pantano carefully explain and answer all questions regarding what I'll need to be doing for the next foreseeable future, he even wrote down all the crucial information on a piece of paper so that I wasn't as overwhelmed about the new foot care routine that I would have to be on. I would 100% recommend his clinic to everyone.


Dr. Pantano was awesome!! Been to other Dr's. & all they want to do is surgery, that won't solve the problem permanently. Great 1st visit! Feet feel better, I feel better knowing what's going on with my feet. I'm also able to see him more than the other doctors allowed. The staff is also amazing, friendly, helpful and caring. Thank you!

Susan Bosworth

I can’t say enough about Dr. Pantano. I came to him with awful foot pain that I have had for years. I have been to other Drs. who couldn’t help me. after my 1st. visit with Dr. Pantano I was able to walk without pain. I got new sneakers from him that are amazing. I now have happy feet!!!! Thank you, Dr. Pantano

MJ Toohey

I cannot say enough about Dr. Ricci. I went to see her because I have severely deformed feet due to rheumatoid arthritis, including hammertoes and bunions. After just one visit to Dr. Ricci, I was able to walk with almost no pain, something I had not experienced in many years. She educated me on certain foot products so that I could take the best care of my feet in between visits. She also identified particular problems that needed to be treated.
I had been seeing another podiatrist for years who merely put "band aids' on my foot problems, which gave me only a brief period of relief. He never identified the actual problems, and certainly didn't educate me as to how to take care of my feet.
My only regret is that I did not find her much sooner.

Rad Martinez

Dr. Dr. Ricci was amazing. I thought for sure that my fungal issue was out for the worst and will require extreme measure on recuperating my foot nails. But that was no challenge. Dr. Ricci immediately brought me relief after debriefing me on the concerns with my toe nails. The treatment provided worked wonders and I can't thank her enough. I will recommend her to anyone!

Mary Beth Chiavaroli

Dr. Pantano could not possibly be any kinder, sweeter, thorough as well as professional with my high functioning daughter who has an I.D. (Intellectual Disability) He has seen her now for a series of months following a foot injury. He takes his time with a patient who processes information slower than most which in today’s world is a rare commodity. Thank~you so much Dr. Pantano!!!

Rob Grimes

I can’t thank Dr Ricci enough for her time and talent. She quickly and confidently diagnosed a condition that impacted my mobility and through varied interventions, has rendered me pain-free and back to my full range of motion. In a time when health care providers have increasing demands on their time, Dr Ricci spent a long time working with me, understanding my goals and therapies and ensuring that increased quality of life was the primary goal of our interventions. Can’t thank her enough!

Nick Prestandrea

Dr. Ricci and the staff at New England Family Foot Care are very knowledgeable and professional. Located inside Milton hospital is a bight clean office. I would recommend coming here to anyone with foot trauma like mine that needs regenerative treatments.

Marybeth Monahan

Dr Pantano is a very caring, knowledgeable and friendly provider. He gave great care and advice regarding foot care and exercises to strengthen foot. Wonderful experience, thank you!

Ayra Borges-Doyle

Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly people, they gave me options for the treatment and my toe nails were in great shape in just 6 months of treatment.

Jeremiah Milord

Dr. Pantano knows his stuff! He was a big help in patching me up and the service was awesome. If you got any foot problems or issues definitely check them out!

Gail DeCoste

Dr. Pantano is amazing!! He is friendly and warm and makes you feel very comfortable. He was very thorough and explained everything that was happening. And he took my input very seriously. My plantar fasciitis is finally gone! I highly recommend him!


Dr Ricci is fantastic! She has established herself in a practice that was run for years prior and truly has exceeded all my expectations. She is caring and attentive in her work. She takes the time to discuss treatments and gives options. I never feel rushed and always feel that she has my best interest at heart. I thought about going to another podiatrist closer to home, but she is well worth the half hour ride.
Patty R

Patrick and Jessica Murphy

We were referred to NE Family Foot Care by our daughters pediatrician for an evaluation. The appointment with Dr Pantano went very well. He thoroughly explained the cause of the issue and the procedure prior to beginning his treatment. He was very engaging and understanding of her initial fear. He put her at ease and the procedure went smoothly.

Rocio Morales

Dr. Pantano cares and pays attention to his patient's needs. He helped me to start with a conservative treatment and I am glad it has been successful.
Office is small but clean and staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Emily Barron

I had my second visit with Dr. Pantano yesterday to provide relief from a toe nail that was causing pain. Both times Dr. Pantano was clear and informative about the course of treatment and laid out all the possible options to provide relief from this pain. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend New England Family Foot Care to all my friends and family!

Philip Bois

Today was my first time visiting Dr Pantano and I was overly satisfied with the results. I walked in with excruciating pain and discomfort in both my feet that seemed to be never ending. With Dr Pantos help from just one visit I was walking out the building with a new level of comfort in regards to my feet and a plan to get my feet back to way they used to be. He seemed very knowledgeable and thorough and provided me with some helpful stretches to do at home in preparation for my next appointment. I would highly recommend him to others and look forward to my next appointment. Excellent service!!!

Matthew Walsh

Dr. Pantano and whole team at New England family foot care are the best! Always a great experience from start to finish!

Erika Warren

Great experience with Dr. Ricci. She is thorough and focused in her work. Many thanks, I'm on my way to feeling better and getting back to an active lifestyle!

Charlene Foran

I had an office visit with Dr. Pantano yesterday. He was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions. I had some x-rays done as well and he called me that night and gave me the results. I felt very confident in him and would definitely recommend him.

John Carresi

After months of enduring excruciating foot pain, I found Dr. Jeff Pantano and he was able to see me right away despite my busy work schedule. After just one visit, Dr. Pantano identified and successfully treated the cause of my foot pain, which I am happy to say has cleared up in no time. I highly recommend Dr. Pantano and the entire team at New England Family Foot Care!

Dorothy Boyle

Was seen for the first time at the recommendation of my husband for Severe foot pain. The doctor was incredibly thorough and prescribed an aggressive plan to get my foot pain under control with exercises etc. I am so impressed with New England Family Foot Care that I recommend them highly and will happily claim them as my go to for podiatry needs! So fortunate to have found such great Podiatrists!

Jeremy Pallai

The team at New England Family Foot Care was awesome! They took care of my pain and made helpful recommendations to reduce future issues. My highest recommendation.

Zipper Head

After dealing with a foot issue for several years I heard about New England Family. My appointment was shortly before Covid and in Just one visit they determined what the issue was, what the options were, and reviewed the pros and cons in detail. The best option became clear and now 7 months later all has been fixed. I am no longer in discomfort nor embarrassed to walk barefoot. It is rare to meet one doctor of quality but to Work with two; doctors Ricci and Pantano, is terrific. They are supported by an outstanding Medical Assistant Emma who keeps everything moving along.
Great practice, great people, and I am glad I found them.

Shayla Spencer

OMG Dr Pantano is amazing. I kept procrastinating with my foot pain and as soon as I went in and told him my problem he immediately took care of it. His recommendations were on point and I could not be more happier....will definitely be going back if needed.

Jason Dornhoffer

I do not have to go to the podiatrist to often thankfully. I went today because of a slight fungus under the toenail. It was my first time seeing Dr.Ricci and I can sincerely say all went very well. Dr.Ricci took the time to explain what was going on with my toe in layman's terms. Gave me two options for best course of action. Was thorough in every aspect.

Ailish Edwards

Dr. Melissa Ricci was very thorough. She took the time to listen carefully to my concerns and was so patient with all my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needed a podiatrist. Five Stars for sure!

Emma Kelly

Dr Pantano did a great job with my surgery. He made me feel comfortable and talked me through the process very thoroughly to make sure I had no questions. I got my surgery done about a year ago and I've had no problems since then! I definitely would recommend for patients of all ages.

Cristina Doherty

Dr. Pantano takes his time with your visit to address all the concerns you may have. The best! The staff as well is also very friendly and accommodating. I definitely recommend New England Family Foot Care for anyone who is having foot problems!

Patricia Barone

Great experience from start to finish with Dr. Pantano from the second I walked in the door. Professional, and friendly place would highly recommend him to anybody that needs a podiatrist!

Jessica Burke

Our pediatrician recommended New England Family Foot Care to us when my son had a couple of plantar warts on his foot. Dr. Pantano and his staff were so professional and friendly! My four year old twin boys loved going to their office for our visit! Dr. Pantano was very patient and kind. He explained everything he was going to do, so my son wasn’t nervous or scared. He definitely puts in the extra effort to make connections with his patients! The treatments began working after the first visit and we only had to return 3 times in total! When we left the third time they are completely gone!!! I highly recommend Dr. Pantano and his staff! We will be returning if there are other foot issues in the future!

David Shea

Two truly exceptional doctors, who provide exceptional care to their patients.

Barbara Delaney

What a great pleasant place. The Dr. was thorough and there was no wait.

Jim Donaher

Drs. Ricci and Pantano have very quickly established themselves as outstanding foot care providers. They have a team that is excellent from the receptionist, to the Medical Assistant, to the doctors themselves. They not only take care of your feet, quickly diagnosing the problem and likely causes, but they also educate and inform about things like footwear tips, exercises, OTC and prescription meds and orthotic solutions. They do their job with great skill and knowledge, in a friendly, comfortable, happy atmosphere. I enthusiastically recommend New England Family Foot Care if you are suffering with foot or ankle pain. You'll like the results!

Robyn West

It doesn't get any better than this. From the front desk to the check in nurses to the superb Doctors New England Family Foot Care is exactly what you want when visiting a podiatrist. I am a patient for life. I am so glad i went today by the time i left my pain was gone and my toe nails got a little grooming that was totally needed and abosoulty unexpected!
Thank you Dr. Mellissa Ricci 💘

Kevin T.

Amazing place. Had a pretty bad infection, and Dr. Pantano really eased my nerves about the procedure. I would recommend to everyone that asked, young and old. Wish I could rate higher than 5 stars.

Robert Thomas

I recently went to Family Foot care and was very pleased with the facilities and footcare provided ! Clean and very professional , highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr Pantano and Dr Ricci 😃

Eric Quinlan

Dr. Pantano is the consummate professional and I am very pleased with my care. I would highly recommend New England Family Foot Care.

Janet Lorden

I took my daughter to New England Family Foot Care today. Dr Pantano was great. He was very engaging, thoughtful and genuinely concerned. I appreciated how he put my daughter to ease during the entire procedure. We both left very satisfied with the service we received and would definitely recommend Dr Pantano or his partner Dr Ricci to anyone.

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